Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 5 Issue 2

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Robust Design of Credit Scoring System by the Mahalanobis‐Taguchi System

Chao‐Ton su, Huei‐Chun Wang

Credit scoring is widely used to make credit decisions, to reduce the cost of credit analysis and enable faster decisions. However, traditional credit scoring models do…

Six Sigma in Non‐Manufacturing Environment

Hasan Akpolat

Despite the fact that much has been published about Six Sigma in the business and academic press and on the Internet in recent years, there is still confusion among many…

Design and Implementation of Computer‐Based Training: A Quality Assurance Approach

Ruel L.A. Ellis, Prakash Persad

Distance education is a non‐traditional mode of training and can take many forms, one of which is the use of Computer Based Training (CBT). This paper reviews various…

Research on the Structure and Application of Fuzzy Environmental Impact Assessment Model

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Chia‐Hsiang Hsieh, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yih‐Huei Yu

Any business activities may have impact on environmental to a certain extent. Enterprises must find appropriate approaches to measure the impact on these environmental…

A Case Study of Six Sigma R&D Improvement Projects: Design Optimization of Inner Shield Omega CPT

Sung H. Park, Young H. Park

This is an R&D project on design optimization of the inner shield of the Omega colour picture tube at Samsung SDI in Korea. This was an R&D project which basically used…

Improving Product Quality through Conflict Management: A Study of Hong Kong ODM Suppliers

Ping‐Kit Lam, Kwai‐Sang Chin

Client‐supplier collaboration in new product development (NPD) has been a strategy in response to fierce global competition. Traditionally, Hong Kong suppliers collaborate…

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Taiwan’s Traditional Industries

Chi‐Yuang Yu, Yau‐Wen Hsu, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai

The purpose of this study was to analyze the prevalence of self‐reported musculoskeletal symptoms among the three Taiwan’s traditional industries as lathe, electronics and…

A Generative Research Methodology for Implementing TQM in Small and Medium‐sized Manufacturing Enterprises

W.G. Lewis, K.F. Pun, T.R.M. Lalla

Many researchers and practitioners have acknowledged the need to investigate the relationships amongst various criteria of implementing total quality management (TQM) in…

Customer Knowledge Management – A Case Study of Taiwan’s Plastic Industry

Yung‐Ching Ho, Hsin‐Pin Fu, Chun‐Fa Niu, Pei‐Hsiang Chien

This paper investigates customer knowledge management activities of Taiwan’s plastic industries. The results demonstrate that the bulk of customer knowledge comes from…

A Study of the Developing Process and Characteristics of Korean Quality Management System

Chae Heung Park

Because of three reasons: rare natural resources, high dependent ratio and rapid wage increase, Korea must take the non‐price competitive strategy. The developing process…

An AHP Based Study on Critical Success Factors for the Supply Chain Management in Hong Kong Manufacturing Industry

Jendy P.F. Leung, K.S. Chin

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has drawn high attention and been discussed and under investigation for over two decades. However, how Hong Kong manufacturing firms carry…

Capability in Competing for a National Quality Award among Small and Medium‐sized Companies in Taiwan

Shao‐Chang Li, Ru‐Chin Hsu

The Taiwan National Quality Award (TNQA) has been conducted for 14 years. However, small and medium‐sized companies (SMSCs) rarely win the TNQA. This study undertakes a…



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