Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 4 Issue 1


Managing Quality

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East Meets West: A Critical Analysis on The Evolution, Growth and Transfer of QFD from Japan to The West

Mohamed Zairi, David Ginn

This paper describes the origins, evolution of Quality Function Deployment and its transfer to the West. Following a comprehensive review of the literature and how QFD has…

A Quality Strategy and Self‐Assessment Method for Organizational Excellence

Jens J. Dahlgaard, Su Mi Dahlgaard

Based on a combination of theories, experiences and cases a sustainable change strategy and self‐assessment method with a focus on the human dimension in TQM are suggested…

Data Technology and Knowledge‐based Six Sigma

Sung H. Park

A new term Data Technology (DT) is defined, and its roles in modern technology are explained. Next, knowledge‐based Six Sigma (KBSS) is proposed, and how the methodologies…

Statistical Diagnosis (SPD) for Control of SARS Epidemic Situation of Beijing

Gongxu Zhang, Jing Sun

Under the strong leadership of Chinese Government to the anti‐SARS struggle, the situation has been successfully controlled. Since May 1 of 2003, the Ministry of Health of…

Extending Quality Concepts to Cope with The Needs of a Global World

Tito Conti

The concept of quality is revisited to evidence its applicability beyond the product and economic transaction level, to cover every kind of human and social relation. A…

Continuous Improvement and Its Roots in Pragmatic Philosophy

Bo Bergman, Christina Mauléon

Continuous Improvement is a central concept in the quality movement. In almost all descriptions of quality initiatives Continuous Improvement is central. Even in ISO…

The European Excellence Model – an “Excellent” Model for Management Control?

Su Mi Park Dahlgaard

In this paper some of the main management control theories are reviewed and six dominating paradigms are identified. The identified management control paradigms are…

Exploration and Development of SERVQUAL

Yong‐Pil Kim, Kye‐Wan Kim, Deok‐Gyun Yun

The gap‐based SERVQUAL model is a popular service quality determinant due to its superior diagnostic capacity over alternative explanatory frameworks. However, some…

A TQM case of Centralized Sequential Decision‐making Problem

Cheng‐Chang Chang, Yun‐Feng Chu

This paper considers that a public department under specialized TQM manpower constraints have to implement multiple total quality management (TQM) policies to promote its…

Detection and Control of Variation Source for a Production Unit

Jichao Xu, Hasan Akpolat

Variation is the archenemy of quality. To reduce or control the variation in a complex production unit, firstly we need to identify the location of the root cause of the…

A Case Study of ERP Implementation for PCB Manufacturer

Chan‐Hsing Lo, Yu‐Hsin Lin, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Rong‐Kwei Li

This study researched an enterprise resources planning (ERP) implementation project at a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer. In depth research was achieved by…

Determinants of Green Practices in the Petrochemical Sector: An Empirical Study

Kit‐Fai Pun, M.J. Lau

This paper discusses the determinants of green practices and incorporates some empirical findings from a recent study in the petrochemical sector in the Republic of…

An Improvement on Target Costing Technique

Hsin‐Hung Wu

The target costing technique, mathematically discussed by Sauers, only uses the Cp index along with Taguchi loss function and X‐R control charts to setup goal control…

Study on the Embedded SPC System Based on LAN

Yin Jianjun, Yu Zhonghua, Wu Zhaotong

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is recognized as one of the most important tool of quality control (QC), an is one research focus in order to implement SPC quickly and…

Parts supply management system for automobile parts manufacturing companies

Gil‐Sang Jang, Jung‐Sang Choi

This paper proposes an efficient and effective BOM management scheme for small and medium manufacturing (SME) companies that produce automobile parts. Automobile part’s…



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