Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Putting Entrepreneurship into Marketing: The Processes of Entrepreneurial Marketing

David Stokes

This paper considers how marketing can be made more appropriate in entrepreneurial contexts by proposing a conceptual model of the processes of marketing as undertaken by…


South Asian Entrepreneurship: A View from the North

Sukhbinder S. Barn

The paper, while having a cursory examination of ethnic minority business development in Newcastle‐u‐Tyne, examines issues that businesses further south have long since…


Organisational competence: does networking confer advantage for high growth entrepreneurial firms?

Ian Chaston

Adopting an entrepreneurial orientation is accepted as strategy through which to improve the performance of small firms. The management of innovation literature indicates that…


Entrepreneurial Internationalisation: The Role of Distributor/Client Relationships

Bill Merrilees, James Tiessen, Dale Miller

This paper examines the nature of SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprise) international marketing strategies, using a framework developed by Merrilees and Tiessen (1999). This…


Seaking: A Case Study

Roger Mumby‐Croft

This paper is authored by Roger Mumby‐Croft who was the founding proprietor of Seaking, and this case is written from his perspective. The Journal Editors are pleased to be…

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