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Green intellectual capital and green supply chain integration: the mediating role of supply chain transformational leadership

Mengjie Xi, Wei Fang, Taiwen Feng

Drawing upon social capital theory, this research aims to explore the influence of three dimensions of green intellectual capital (GIC) (i.e. green human capital [GHC], green…


How socio-cultural transition helps to improve entrepreneurial intentions among women?

Saeed Badghish, Imran Ali, Murad Ali, Muhammad Zafar Yaqub, Amandeep Dhir

The current research proposes a model that integrates certain psychological and demographic factors in developing and strengthening young Saudi women's perceptions of…

Green intellectual capital for sustainable healthcare: evidence from Iraq

Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa, Tahir Noaman Abdullatif, Joseph Ntayi, Mohammed Khalifa Abdelsalam

This research aims to examine the role of green intellectual capital (GIC) dimensions in promoting sustainable healthcare as reflected by sustainable performance. The mediating…

Linking green intellectual capital, ambidextrous green innovation and firms green performance: evidence from Pakistani manufacturing firms

Muhammad Usman Shehzad, Jianhua Zhang, Mir Dost, Muhammad Shakil Ahmad, Sajjad Alam

Given the importance of environmental protection and the crucial role of manufacturing firms in environmental degradation, the purpose of this research is to investigate the…

The moderating effect of corporate environmental responsibility on relational capital and green innovation: evidence from a knowledge-driven context

Yunlong Duan, Hanxiao Liu, Meng Yang, Tachia Chin, Lijuan Peng, Giuseppe Russo, Luca Dezi

Given that environmental issues have become increasingly critical in business operations, from the lens of guanxi, this study explores the impact of relational capital on green…

Spiritual leadership and intellectual capital: mediating role of psychological safety and knowledge sharing

Raheel Yasin, Shaohua Yang, Aydan Huseynova, Muhammad Atif

This study determines the nexus between spiritual leadership and psychological safety (PS). The authors explore the mediating role of PS and knowledge sharing to offer insights on…


Does startup culture in the emerging country grow around societal sustainability? An empirical study through the lens of co-creational capital and green intellect

Rajeev Verma, Vikas Arya, Asha Thomas, Enrica Bolognesi, Jens Mueller

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of green intellectual capital in fostering societal sustainability. Also, this study investigated how co-creational customer…

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