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The role of CEOs' human capital in sustaining superior performance–empirical evidence from China

Jian Guan, Fang Deng, Dao Zhou

Focusing on the important representative of firm intellectual capital (IC), this research explores the effects of chief executive officer’s (CEOs') managerial human capitals on…

Can the components of green intellectual capital influence employee green behavior? An empirical analysis on Indian energy sector using the partial least squares method

Arpita Ghosh, Shamima Haque

The study aims to explore the relationship between the dimensions of green intellectual capital (GIC) and employee green behavior (EGB).

Intellectual capital efficiency and firms' financial performance based on business life cycle

Jian Xu, Muhammad Haris, Feng Liu

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of intellectual capital (IC) and its components (human, structural, relational and innovation capitals) on financial…

The international orientation of academic entrepreneurship: the role of relational, human and psychological capital

Mercedes Villanueva-Flores, Dara Hernández-Roque, Mariluz Fernández-Alles, Mirta Diaz-Fernandez

Scholars have emphasized intellectual capital’s importance for universities in obtaining competitive advantages and creating value. The purpose of this paper is to identify the…

Relational capital in referrer networks of medical specialists in office settings

Nina Sophie Pflugfelder, Frank Ng

The purpose of this article is to explore the association of the Relational Capital (RC) embedded in a medical specialist’s social–professional network with the specialist’s…

Strategic human resource practices and new product development performance: the mediating role of intellectual capital

Behrooz Ghlichlee, Amirhossein Goodarzi

The paper investigates the effects of strategic human resource practices on intellectual capital and new product development performance in knowledge-based firms.


Mapping the field of social capital with innovation and future research agenda: a bibliometric and visualization analysis

Zhouyang Gu, Fanchen Meng, Siyuan Wang

Recent years have seen a substantial increase in academic interest in social capital and innovation. Nonetheless, the bibliometric and visualization study on this subject is…

Intellectual capital and the acquisition of human capital by technology-based new ventures

Lee J. Zane

Intellectual Capital (IC) is essential to the success of new technology-based firms. A key component of IC is human capital. Human capital is shown to affect firm innovation…

The influence of human, organizational and relational capital of universities on their performance: a developing economy perspective

Niti Chatterji, Ravi Kiran

One in every four graduates of the world will be the product of Indian higher education system by the year 2030 as per a report issued by the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers…

Improving the performance/competency of small and medium enterprises through intellectual capital

Sanchita Bansal, Isha Garg, Mansi Jain, Anshita Yadav

Conventional economic contexts and value creation exert on the extensive use of intangible resources whose value is much greater than the tangible assets. In particular…

Bridging the regional innovation policy and entrepreneurship: the role of intellectual capital

Yuxiang Hong, Mengfan Zhang

This study examines whether the national innovative city pilot policy (NICP) influences urban entrepreneurship (UE). To examine the underlying causal mechanism, this study…

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