Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 22 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, and Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Guest Editors: Beatrice Orlando, Manlio Del Giudice, Shlomo Tarba, Cary L. Cooper, Ari Ginsberg, Arvind Malhotra, Detmar Straub

Returnee academic entrepreneurship in China

Yanzhao Lai, Nicholas S. Vonortas

Universities have become both increasingly entrepreneurial and international over the past few decades. We still, however, know little about the relationship between the two…

The instrumentation of science parks: an integrative framework of enabling factors

Angel Meseguer-Martinez, Simona Popa, Pedro Soto-Acosta

Research on Science parks (SPs) has attracted a growing interest in the last decades. This widespread innovation policy initiative pursues technology-based industrial and…

The role of intellectual capital in fostering SD-Orientation and firm performance

Helena Alves, Ignacio Cepeda-Carrion, Jaime Ortega-Gutierrez, Bo Edvardsson

This research aims to understand the relationship among Intellectual Capital (IC), Service Dominant Orientation (SD-Orientation) and firms performance.

Intellectual capital and sustainable development: a systematic literature review

Federico Alvino, Assunta Di Vaio, Rohail Hassan, Rosa Palladino

This paper investigates the literary corpus on the role of intellectual capital (IC) for the sustainable and innovative development of organisations. It provides a quantitative…


Intellectual capital, knowledge sharing and equity crowdfunding

Demetris Vrontis, Michael Christofi, Enrico Battisti, Elvira Anna Graziano

This paper explores knowledge sharing (KS) and intellectual capital (IC) impacts on the success rate of equity crowdfunding (EC) campaigns in the Italian market, which represents…


Research literature on leadership of knowledge workers: where are we, and where should we be heading?

Abdallah Wumpini Issahaka, Rune Lines

With the transition into a knowledge economy, the concept of leading knowledge workers (KWs) has gained an increasing amount of attention in organisational studies and among…


Direct and configurational paths of knowledge-oriented leadership, entrepreneurial orientation, and knowledge management processes to project success

Khawaja Fawad Latif, Omar Afzal, Adeel Saqib, Umar Farooq Sahibzada, Waqar Alam

Drawing on the knowledge-based view, the study aims to investigate the impact of knowledge management enablers (entrepreneurial orientation and knowledge-oriented leadership) on…


How does cluster location and intellectual capital impact entrepreneurial success within high-growth firms?

Yama Temouri, Vijay Pereira, Glenn W. Muschert, Vikash Ramiah, Michael Babula

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of intellectual capital and knowledge management in the entrepreneurial success of firms through a research model which is…

The global entrepreneurship index as a benchmarking tool? Criticisms from an efficiency perspective

Edmundo Inacio Junior, Eduardo Avancci Dionisio, Bruno Brandão Fischer, Yanchao Li, Dirk Meissner

Based on an efficiency analysis of the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), the purpose was to demonstrate that the Key Performance Indicators’ analysis leads to a…

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