Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 17 Issue 4


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The transformation of the organization’s intellectual capital: from resource to capital

Oksana Lentjušenkova, Inga Lapina

Over the last three decades, the role of intellectual capital (IC) in ensuring an organization’s competitiveness has increased significantly. The purpose of this paper is to…


Intellectual capital of a board of directors and its elements: introduction to the concepts

Irina Berezinets, Tatiana Garanina, Yulia Ilina

The purpose of this paper is to define the contribution of intellectual capital (IC) of the board of directors (BDs) in generating IC of a company, to develop a definition of the…


The impact of intellectual capital on start-up expectations

Diego Matricano

According to an emerging research trend, which seeks to apply the concept of intellectual capital (IC) to the field of entrepreneurship, the purpose of this paper is to test…


The impact of intellectual capital on innovation generation and adoption

Mir Dost, Yuosre F. Badir, Zeeshan Ali, Adeel Tariq

The purpose of this paper is to measure the separate and interrelated effects of three aspects of intellectual capital (human, social and organizational capital) on innovation…


Intellectual capital in action: evidence from Italian local governments

Francesca Manes Rossi, Francesca Citro, Marco Bisogno

Intellectual capital (IC) is attracting increasing attention from scholars and practitioners in the private sector, while research in the public sector is still in its embryonic…

Linking peripheral vision with relational capital through knowledge structures

Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro, Anthony K.P. Wensley, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Antonio Sotos-Villarejo

Peripheral vision (PV) or side vision refers to that which is visible to the eye while being outside of its central area of focus. PV enables organisms to detect movement and…

Designing a model for measuring and analyzing the relational capital using factor analysis: Case study, Ansar bank

Maryam Hosseini, Mohammad Saleh Owlia

The purpose of this paper is to present a model for measuring relational capital in banks by using measurement indicators defined in previous studies and according to the…


Intangible-intensive profiles of companies: protection during the economic crisis of 2008-2009

Elena Shakina, Angel Barajas

This study explores the strategies adopted by companies during the economic crisis of 2008-2009. It investigates whether it is reasonable for companies to intensify their…

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