Foresight: Volume 6 Issue 1


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Modern warfare: no foresight without foreboding

Jacques Richardson

Military planning has various authors. The kings and emperors of old decided on whom to make war, where and when, with what, and for how long. The British Empire was built on…


The globalisation of knowledge: why trees become networks

João Caraça

Knowledge and the languages devised for its expression and circulation within communities evolve and drift with the times. The emergence of a new paradigm for technology, economy…


Mortgage banking for the New American Empire, and other futures

Jim Dator

Although the mortgage sector of the banking industry in the USA has seen good times in the recent past, the futures are uncertain. This article considers the nature of futures…


Facilitating foresight: where the foresight function is placed in organisations

Peter Hayward

This paper introduces the Viable Systems Model and in particular the Meta System component of that model, as a framework within which to consider how foresight can be facilitated…


The role of money and finance: changing a central part of the problem into a central part of the solution

James Robertson

Schumacher's ideas and Illich's insights have yet to influence the mainstream. So why have institutions of society failed to adapt to their vision of a more people‐centred and…


Social capital: a building‐block in creating a better global future

J.P. Landman

This article presents a South African's perspective on the possible role of social capital in achieving long‐term sustainable human and economic development in the world. Social…


The cult of performance: what are we doing when we don't know what we are doing?

Robert Burke

Executive development and education have proceeded on the basis of two developments as a result of shifts in government policy over the past two decades. The first is…


The personal brand in futures

Andy Hines

Considers branding more in line with bringing forth self‐knowledge and self‐expression than the creation of a cultivated or false self. It's not about selling “new and improved”…

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