Foresight: Volume 5 Issue 6


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Preparing for the future: Queensland 2020

Leona Reif, Nusch Herman, Genevieve Graves

By applying a futures approach to ageing of the population, Queensland has the opportunity to plan for changing aspirations of all of society – working to achieve identified…


Ageing: alternative futures and policy choices

Sohail Inayatullah

Ageing is a fundamental issue for the future of the planet. An ageing society challenges basic assumptions of modern culture and political economy. This paper explores alternative…


A framework for intergenerational planning

Mel Miller, Ian Siggins

Terms such as “intergenerational planning”, “intergenerational redistribution”, “intergenerational equity” and “intergenerational accounting” have all gained currency in recent…


An ageing perspective

Helen Bartlett

The consequences of population ageing for Australia are increasingly debated at a national and state level. Ageing issues on the policy agenda now reflect the need to take a…


Youth voices: young Queenslanders’ values in a time of structural ageing

Marcus Bussey

A key aspect of the debate on structural ageing is the views of young people. This article, commissioned as one of the stimulus papers for the Queensland Government, tackles…


City of the aged versus City of all ages

Phillip Daffara

In this article I deconstruct the polar cultural myths about ageing and how these two influencing memes generate two contrasting scenarios for the future of the city. One meme can…


Women’s working futures – views, policies and choices

Monika Merkes

Changes in the economy, workforce, technology, population and family structures have implications for women’s working futures. Longer life expectancy and an increasing proportion…


Ageing: a personal futures perspective

Verne Wheelwright

Futures research is commonly reported on the macro scale, and involves analysis of a global or national situation with a long‐range view of trends and alternative futures. This…


Liberating imagination about ageing

Bliss W. Browne

We are in the midst of a positive ageing revolution and a revolution in the workplace as well. We’ve been given a whole extra generation of life to use in a new way. How shall we…

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