Foresight: Volume 5 Issue 5


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Influencing ideas and inspirations. Scenarios as an instrument in evaluation

Angela Barbanente, Abdul Khakee

In his review of notable planning disasters, Hall proposes two ways for avoiding future disasters. In a turbulent age, the improvement of forecasting methods is quite problematic…

Healthcare 2025: alternative views and underlying values

William R. Rowley

This article describes the development of scenarios to stimulate public dialog concerning healthcare values. Different values lead to different futures. America’s current…


Forecastability, chaos and foresight

Check‐Teck Foo, Check‐Tong Foo

Roles of leadership in coping with uncertainty are explored in this paper. Through an in‐depth, empirically (CEOs of top, ASEAN publicly listed corporations) grounded discussion…


Is that hothouse flower really here to stay?

Alan Winger

That being face‐to‐face in business communication remains important in the face of low cost electronic options raises interesting questions. In an earlier article in this Journal…


Sustainable development assessment: quality and sustainability of life indicators at global, national and regional level

Peter Mederly, Pavel Novacek, Jan Topercer

Gross domestic product as an indicator of wealth and therefore quality of life have long been criticised. GDP places too much emphasis on consumption and ignores wealth…

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