Foresight: Volume 5 Issue 3


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Future‐imbedded innovation methodologies

Irving H. Buchen

The double challenge is how to upgrade problem solving so that it is also innovative and how to position solutions so that they enjoy future longevity. It is possible to do both…


A generic foresight process framework

Joseph Voros

A generic foresight process framework is outlined, based on prior independent work by Mintzberg, Horton and Slaughter. The framework was developed as part of work carried out by…


Nuclear power for the twenty‐first century

Marvin B. Schaffer

Improved nuclear reactor configurations that address major concerns of environmentalists and safety analysts are discussed. In addition to social acceptance, these new modes of…


Directed evolution in strategy and management sciences

Amiram Porath

Evolution has long been a biological process “borrowed” by management sciences to define structural and procedural development in organizations. The theory of Darwinian Evolution…


Youngsters’ multi‐dimensional future perceptions by the year 2020

A. Elçin Gören Summak

Educational futurology has a unique place in the overall futuristic efforts that schools must be places where future is foreseen, cast and shaped. To achieve this end, we…


The sweeping changes of 1867 – what became of them, and how

Jacques G. Richardson

During a single, dynamic year of the nineteenth century, politics, economics, culture and technology shifted sharply throughout disparate regions of the world. Some of these…

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