Foresight: Volume 22 Issue 5/6


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

Table of contents - Special Issue: North American Foresight

Guest Editors: Jonathan Calof, Peter Bishop

Innovative application of strategic foresight to oncology research

Peter Bishop, Rebecca Tamarchak, Christine Williams, Laszlo Radvanyi

This study aims to investigate into the future of cancer and cancer research in preparation for a strategic plan for a cancer research centre.

Canada’s emerging foresight landscape: observations and lessons

Alex Wilner, Martin Roy

The purpose of this paper is twofold: to introduce scholars and practitioners of foresight to the emerging Canadian foresight ecosystem, and to provide lessons learned on…

The impact of firm size on competitive intelligence activities

Jonathan Calof

Given the importance of competitive intelligence (CI) to the economic performance of firms, understanding whether CI practice is impacted by firm size or by their awareness of CI…

Global to small island; a cross-scale foresight scenario exercise

Crystal Drakes, Adrian Cashman, Eric Kemp-Benedict, Timothy Laing

The use of socio-economic scenarios in small island developing states (SIDS) when assessing, and planning for, the impacts of global changes on national socioeconomic and…

Will Haiti benefit from setting up an agricultural research center? A foresight quantification

Subir Bairagi, Alvaro Durand-Morat

Investments in agricultural research and development (AgR&D) have been an engine of agricultural productivity growth; as a result, food security and poverty situations have…

Competitive intelligence: a prescription for US health-care?

Shelly L. Freyn, Fred Farley

This paper aims to illustrate how integrating competitive intelligence (CI) into a US health-care firm can aid in information sharing and building knowledge for the organization.

Futurists’ relationships with the future: a study of anticipatory meaning-making of ecosystem builders

M. Jayne Fleener, Susan Barcinas

This study aims to provide insights into ecosystem builder futurists’ work and their orientations toward creating more connected communities of the future.

Evolution of framework foresight

Andy Hines

The organization’s core approach to exploring and influencing the future, Framework Foresight, emerged from piecemeal roots in the 1990s to an established method circa 2013. Since…

The ontological foundation for studying the future

Alan Clardy

The purpose of this paper is to develop an ontological foundation for future studies, based in part on integrating some prior albeit incomplete work in this area.

The nature and extent of foresight-infused strategy: a case study highlighting the liberal arts academy’s future move from traditional education

Jan Klakurka, Bill Irwin

Over the past seven years within a small, liberal arts (LA) Canadian university, significant paradigm shifts in students’ programmatic choices have occurred reflecting student…

Smart city visions: pathways to participatory planning in two American cities

Amy Lynn Fletcher

This paper aims to evaluate the use of community visioning in Montgomery, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, as each municipality seeks to become a globally competitive 21st…

Educating researchers in the metadiscipline of foresight

James P. Kahan

The science of Foresight differs from the commonplace notion of what a science is because it is a metadiscipline – a logical type of science higher than the logical type of…

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