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Connected economy – disjointed society

Mark Goyder

In this article an airing is given to some of the recent, very pessimistic, critiques of global capitalism considered to be synonymous with monoculture and dispossession, before…

The challenges of shared and sustainable development

Michel Batisse

This article identifies the major problems currently facing our world and raises pertinent questions. The issues discussed are population dynamics, urbanization and land…


Governance in the 21st century: power in the global knowledge economy and society

Wolfgang michalski, Riel Miller, Barrie Stevens

At the outset of the 21st century, confidence in the effectiveness and legitimacy of established forms of governance is ebbing. This article considers historical developments in…

Towards the break‐up of money: when reality – driven by information technology – overtakes Simmel’s vision

Paul H. Dembinski, Christophe Perritaz

Georg Simmel reached the conclusion that evolution drives money towards an ever‐higher level of functionality while, at the same time reducing its importance as a substance. This…

Citizen involvement in future drug R&D: a Danish Delphi study

Claus Moldrup, Janine Marie Morgall, Anna Birna Almarsdóttir

This article adopts a prospective approach in an attempt to explore the potential benefit of citizen involvement in decision making concerning future drug R&D. This is one of the…

Emerging economic sectors in the third millennium: life sciences to dominate US economy by 2100

Graham T.T. Molitor

This article, third in a series of six, describes Life Sciences Era activities. Life sciences, rapidly gaining momentum, will begin to dominate US economic activity by 2100, then…

Education: new economy, new challenges?

Patrick Love

The boom in online products and services is radically changing many aspects of both the economy and everyday life, and will increasingly affect individuals’ learning needs. This…

The Alpbach futures forum revisited

Jacques G. Richardson

The 56th annual edition of the Alpbach European Forum (EAF), my first visit there in fifteen years, had as its theme “The Future: Experience, Experiment, Design”. The EAF consumes…

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