Foresight: Volume 1 Issue 3


The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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The fifth society – and its successful businesses

Rolf Jensen

The information society is not the last “society” to come. Already, the next society is appearing on the horizon. It will not be driven by mastery of information – machines take…

Our nuclear future: an era of clean energy abundance

Marvin Baker Schaffer, Mario L. Juncosa

This analysis develops and predicts a politically controversial idea, namely that nuclear fission power will be the dominant energy resource of the 21st century. Abundant energy…

Participatory scenarios for sustainable development

Abdul Khakee

In order to implement the sustainable development principles of Agenda 21 some municipalities in Sweden have developed scenarios for sustainable local societies. These scenarios…


The coming wave of urban villages?

Alan R. Winger

Our rapidly changing digital/information technologies are reckoned by some to be a force that will radically change settlement patterns. One scenario put forth is that of an era…

Future configurations for remote work

Nicola Morelli

The changes generated by information and telecommunication technologies in the organization of work activities may influence the way that modern cities will change in both the…

Is sustainability a viable concept for planning?

Tom P. Abeles

Sustainability needs to be considered to be dynamic and evolving, a verb and not a noun. The systems which need to be considered must be understood within a time frame which needs…

Water resources: meeting future demand

Patrick Love

Water has occupied an increasingly important place on the international agenda since 1993, with questions about the impact of climate change on water resources, the possibility…

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