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The journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy

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Creating the future: innovation and the unlearning organization

Irving H. Buchen

The future does not just happen; it is created whenever we are innovative. For that to occur systematically and predictably, organizations have to become involved in at least five…

Lifelong learning is the future: opportunities for education providers

David Mercer

Over the next few decades, a dramatic expansion will be seen in lifelong learningongoing education following formal qualifications. The expansion of numbers in this sector …

Have we the foresight for sustainable development?

Andrew Dearing

Sustainable development – meeting the needs of people alive today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – will be one of the key forces…


The zone of entanglement: change, non‐change and the new managerial ideology of ephemera

David Rooney, Greg Hearn

We argue that change management has become ideological and that by selective use of complexity research has used the imperative for change to further political and economic…

Anatomy of a long boom provoking a dynamic economy in the 21st century

Wolfgang Michalski, Riel Miller, Barrie Stevens

The world stands on the threshold of a tantalizing opportunity: the possibility of a sustained economic boom over the first decades of the next millennium. This article outlines…

The future of communication: an essay for the year 2000

A. Michael Noll

The millennium is an opportune time to review the history of communication technology. The startling observation is that most of today’s communication systems and technologies…

Energy in the 21st Century: the return of geopolitics?

Patrick Love

With oil prices hovering around historically low levels, it would be comforting to think that energy shocks are a thing of the past. However, energy markets have never been driven…

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