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“Brain drain” from Turkey: survey evidence of student non‐return

Aysit Tansel, Nil Demet Güngör

Turkey’s first “brain drain” wave began in the 1960s, with doctors and engineers among the first group of emigrants. In recent years, attention has shifted to young university…


Saudisation and employment in Saudi Arabia

Salah T. Madhi, Armando Barrientos

The paper explores the conditions of employment and career development in Saudi Arabia, which are found to be strongly segmented across nationalities. It discusses the main…


Professional women in computer programming occupations: the case of Turkey

Yildiz Ecevit, Ayse Gündüz‐Hosgör, Ceylan Tokluoglu

This paper focuses on the professional women, who work in high status jobs, such as system analysts and computer programming, in Turkey. It aims to explain their high share in the…


Organisational career management in Israel

Daniel Tzabbar, Yoav Vardi, Yehuda Baruch

This study explores some important aspects of organisational career management (OCM) in Israel. Overall, our data, obtained from 136 large firms, represented by their human…


Occupational burnout: a cross‐cultural Israeli Jewish‐Arab perspective and its implications for career counselling

Ayala Malach Pines

Since the 1970s, occupational burnout has become a popular topic of research and an important concern for career counsellors. The majority of studies on burnout focussed on…


Firm size and recruitment: staffing practices in small and large organisations in north Cyprus

Cem Tanova

This paper investigates the differences between staffing methods used in small and large organisations in north Cyprus. Possible reasons for small organisations preferring some…

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