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Participative thinking: “seeing the face” and “hearing the voice” of social situations

John Shotter

Offers an alternative to the Western view that rational and systematic thought about actualities or realities is crucial if we are to solve the problems facing us. Some of the…


Constructing changes in relational processes: introducing a social constructionist approach to change work

Dian Marie Hosking, Andy Bass

This article is constructed in the form of a dialogue between a mother – who has just returned from the conference “It’s a relational world” – and her daughter, Sophie. Sophie…


Developing relational practices for knowledge intensive organizational contexts

Rene´ Bouwen

From previous research projects in the context of technological innovation and social development the author argues that knowledge development, as well as knowledge sharing and…


We make sense of all that jazz: mapping in social contexts

Alexander J.J.A. Maas, Erik M. Manschot, Ton J. Roodink

Illustrates a core concept: multiple inclusion or the process of multiple including. Offers a perspective of configuring human beings who organize simultaneously “worlds of…


Learning from research perspectives in collaborative working

Danny Chesterman

Offers an overall framework for understanding the complexities of collaborative working. After an analysis of the forces against collaborating, a social constructionist…

Let me tell you a story: an evaluation of the use of storytelling and argument analysis in management education

Jeff Gold, David Holman

Social constructionist perspectives are becoming increasingly influential in organisational and management studies. Evaluates an experientially based personal development module…


Team and organisational learning in a cross‐functional community of practice: the importance of privileging voices

Ed B. Peile, Wendy Briner

New ways of working predicate new ways of learning. Reports on a workshop which examined facilitated case history discussions as a means whereby a team could share and extend…


Situated knowledge management

Christine Oliver, Graham Brittain

Explores the detail of methodologies employed in the management classroom and in change processes with organisational groups. Through this exploration, some of the dualisms which…


Advances in cross‐boundary practice: inter‐logics as method

Murray Anderson‐Wallace, Chris Blantern, Tom Boydell

Offers a brief introduction to inter‐logics as method and shows, in outline, its origins, principles and application. The method, drawing on forms of enquiry and description made…

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