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Mistaken identity: never mind

Andrew Bass, Dian‐Marie Hosking

Presents a social constructionist account of organising processes in which the focus is on joint (not individual) acts, on action as any human activity and its artifacts …


Managing and improvising: lessons from jazz

Frank J. Barrett

Offers a model of leadership development based on the metaphor of jazz improvisation. Examines the meaning of improvisation as applied to jazz and shows how managers’ lives are…


Labouring the label: cK or DKNY

Sudi Sharifi, Wendy Button

This paper seeks to examine the meanings that are attached to labels we use, especially those connected to self as in selfhood, selfdom and identity, “me” and “I”. The language of…


Managing within conversation: influencing for change

Caroline Ramsey

This article introduces a concept of managing as part of the conversation of organising. It is not so much the idea that managers use conversation, but that conversation is the…


The manager as a practical author of learning

Karel Pavlica, David Holman, Richard Thorpe

Kolb’s theory of experiential learning has proven extremely popular and useful in management education. However, despite its usefulness it is not entirely unproblematic and, using…


Pas de deux ‐ learning in conversation

Geof Alred, Bob Garvey, Richard Smith

Learning in conversation occurs in a variety of ways. This paper explores one particular way which, it is argued, is central in a knowledge economy. Non‐linear learning occurs…


Let’s change the subject and change our organization: an appreciative inquiry approach to organization change

Diana Whitney

Takes a social constructionist view of organizational change focusing on how to engage the multitude of internal and external stakeholders. Argues that current models of change…

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