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Forget about the money? A latent profile analysis of calling and work motivation in Chinese employees

Chunyu Zhang, Andreas Hirschi

Calling is typically associated with more intrinsic than extrinsic work motivation. This could give the impression that employees with a calling do not need or care about external…


Career success is not always an outcome: its mediating role between competence employability model and perceived employability

Mariana Bargsted, Jesús Yeves, Cristóbal Merino, Juan I. Venegas-Muggli

Career success has been understood as an outcome of career goals, achievement and employability resources. Recent research has enlightened its potential effect on career decisions…


Women on top: the career development journey of Filipina business executives in the Philippines

Enrico Cirineo Osi, Mendiola Teng-Calleja

This paper aims to examine the experiences of Filipina women business executives occupying top-most leadership roles in male-dominated industries in the Philippines.

The role of extracurricular activities in shaping university students' employment self-efficacy perceptions

Adam Kanar, Dave Bouckenooghe

The present study aimed to understand how participation in university extracurricular activities has a beneficial or detrimental impact on students’ employment self-efficacy…


Exploring job crafting as a response to abusive supervision

Huda Masood, Len Karakowsky, Mark Podolsky

The purpose of this qualitative exploratory study was to investigate the capacity of job crafting to serve as a viable response to abusive supervision. Although considerable…


Careers in the Greek public sector: calibrating the kaleidoscope

Maria Mouratidou, Mirit K. Grabarski

The authors draw upon the kaleidoscope career model (KCM) to explore the career perceptions of public service employees in Greece.

Stigma hurts: exploring employer and employee perceptions of tattoos and body piercings in Nigeria

Toyin Ajibade Adisa, Olatunji David Adekoya, Kareem Folohunso Sani

This study draws on social stigma and prejudice to examine the perceptions and beliefs of managers and employees regarding visible tattoos and body piercings, as well as the…

Trait gratitude and job search: the mediating role of perceived employability

Jennifer A. Harrison, Marie-Hélène Budworth, Michael Halinski

The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of trait gratitude on job search behaviour (preparatory and active) for job seekers approaching graduation. The mediating…

The criterion validity of career adapt–abilities scale with cooperation among Chinese workers

Joshua Prasad, Danielle M. Gardner, Frederick T. Leong, Jinmei Zhang, Christopher D. Nye

This work contributes to the literature on career adaptability by examining the criterion validity of the Cooperation dimension, supporting the inclusion of cooperation into the…

Evaluating a job search strategy model of fit perceptions: a construct validation amongst unemployed job seekers

Emmanuel Affum-Osei, Henry Kofi Mensah, Eric Adom Asante, Solomon Kwarteng Forkuoh

The purpose of this study is to examine the (1) psychometric properties of Crossley and Highhouse's job search strategy scale and (2) the predictive utility of the scale on fit…

Reverse mentoring, job crafting and work-outcomes: the mediating role of work engagement

Neha Garg, Wendy Murphy, Pankaj Singh

Reverse mentoring and job crafting are innovative, employee-driven job resources that can lead to positive organizational outcomes. The purpose of this paper is to explore the…


Motivational profiles and proactive career behaviors among the solo self-employed

Sjanne Marie Elyse van den Groenendaal, Silvia Rossetti, Mattis van den Bergh, T.A.M. (Dorien) Kooij, Rob. F. Poell

As the current “one size fits all” research approach is likely to be ineffective in identifying the conditions that promote the entrepreneurial career of the solo self-employed…

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