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Examining the interactive effects of accountability, politics, and voice

Wayne A. Hochwarter, B. Parker Ellen III, Gerald R. Ferris

Research has shown accountability can produce both positive and negative outcomes. Further, because of inherent environmental uncertainty, perceptions of organizational politics…


Examination of the interpersonal predictors of mentoring relational quality

Laci M. Lyons, Pamela L. Perrewé

A continued focus in organizational research has been on career development, and mentoring has been identified as a key determinant of career success. The purpose of this paper is…

The gender gap in pre-career salary expectations: a test of five explanations

Linda Schweitzer, Sean Lyons, Lisa K.J. Kuron, Eddy S.W. Ng

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the gender gap in pre-career salary expectations. Five major explanations are tested to explain the gap, as well as understand the…


Job insecurity and job satisfaction: The interactively moderating effects of optimism and person-supervisor deep-level similarity

Xingshan Zheng, Ismael Diaz, Ningyu Tang, Kongshun Tang

The purpose of this paper is to examine optimism and how facets of subordinates’ psychological characteristics, such as their attitudes and personalities, are similar to their…


Aspirations and occupational achievements of Dutch fathers and mothers

Mariska van der Horst, Tanja van der Lippe, Esther Kluwer

– The purpose of this paper is to investigate how work and family aspirations relate to occupational achievements and gender differences herein.

Exploring the benefits of mentoring activities for the mentor

François Grima, Pascal Paillé, Jorge H. Mejia, Lionel Prud'homme

Mentoring is more and more studied by researchers on account of its professional and personal impact on mentees. This contribution has two main objectives. First, to empirically…

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