Tizard Learning Disability Review: Volume 13 Issue 2

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Using e‐Learning to Develop Service‐Wide Competence in Positive Behavioural Support

David Allen, Edwin Jones, Dee Davies, Kathy Lowe, Gloria Jarman

Improving the competence of frontline services to support people who challenge has long been recognised as a key service objective. Exactly how this objective should be achieved…

Teachers' Resistance to the Implementation of Functional Behaviour Assessment: Implications for School Administrators

Konstantinos Ntinas

The aim of this paper is to analyse the factors which explain teachers' resistance to the implementation of functional behaviour assessment (FBA). The implications for provision…

Working Systemically in a Learning Disability Service: What do Colleagues and Carers Think?

Selma Smyly, Julie Elsworth, Judith Mann, Emma Coates

Telephone interviews were conducted with 64 participants who attended an initial systemic consultation meeting within a community‐based psychology service for people with a…

Social Care Governance within a Community Team Setting

Lizzy Dixon

The Health and Personal Social Services, Improvement and Regulation (NI) Order 2003, provides a legal framework that places a statutory requirement on health and personal social…

Love and Loving Relationships in People with Learning Disabilities: A Scientific Approach

Raquel Morentin, Benito Arias, Cristina Jenaro, J Rodríguez‐Mayoral, Michelle McCarthy

Love has been a recurring theme through history and literature, and its relevance to health, well‐being and quality of life has been widely acknowledged. However, the scientific…

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