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Design of low‐noise CMOS transimpedance amplifier

Joon Huang Chuah, David Holburn

The purpose of this paper is to design a very low‐noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for a novel multi‐pixel CMOS photon detector which performs secondary electron (SE…


Three axial low temperature cofired ceramic accelerometer

Dominik Jurków

The paper aims to present numerical modeling and technology of a very first three axial low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) accelerometer.

Study of frequency dependent electrical properties of ZnO nanorods

Muhammad Kashif, Uda Hashim

The purpose of the current research is to use impedance spectroscopy to study the AC parameters that varied with frequency such as impedance, dielectric constant and…

Study on the fluid‐structure interaction of flexible printed circuit board motherboard in personal computer casings

Wei Chiat Leong, Mohd Zulkifly Abdullah, Chu Yee Khor, Dadan Ramdan

The flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) can be an alternative to the rigid printed circuit board because of its excellent flexibility, twistability, and light weight…

Optimization of the reflow soldering process with multiple quality characteristics in ball grid array packaging by using the grey‐based Taguchi method

Chun‐Sean Lau, M.Z. Abdullah, C.Y. Khor

Reflow soldering is one of the most significant factors in determining solder joint defect rate. This study aims to introduce an innovative approach for optimizing the…

Superior performance and reliability of copper wire ball bonding in laminate substrate based ball grid array

Chong Leong Gan, Francis Classe, Uda Hashim

The purpose of this paper is to provide a systematic method to perform long‐term reliability assessment of gold (Au) and copper (Cu) ball bonds in fineline ball grid array…

Tin contamination in PQFN package and its effects on wire bondability

Fei Zong, Zhi‐jie Wang, Yan‐bo Xu, Ji‐yong Niu, Han‐min Zhang

The purpose of this paper was to attempt to confirm the root cause of unstable stitch pull strength in PQFN package and propose some permanent solutions for it.

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