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An investigation of the effect of poling conditions on the characteristics of screen‐printed piezoceramics

Peter Dargie, Russell Sion, John Atkinson, Neil White

A study of the effect of poling conditions on screen‐printed piezoceramics was undertaken. Printable pastes were produced, using a commercially available lead zirconate…


Performance of Cu‐ and Ag‐based microstrips up to millimetre wave frequencies

Esa Kemppinen, Petri Mikkonen, Paul E. Collander, Seppo Leppävuori

Attenuation characteristics of microstrip transmission lines on alumina substrates up to 50GHz are discussed. The lines under test came from three different manufacturers…


A new under bump metallurgy for solder bump flip chip applications

Kari Kulojärvi, Jorma Kivilahti

A new under bump metallurgy (UBM) solution consisting of the TiW‐, Au‐ and Ni‐layers for solder flip chip applications has been developed. The metallurgy, being based on…


Effect of dissolution and intermetallic formation on the reliability of FC joints

Kari Kulojärvi, Vesa Vuorinen, Jorma Kivilahti

The dissolution processes and subsequent intermetallic reactions between high tin solder bump alloys and Cu‐ or Ni‐based UBM‐metallisations were investigated both…

Thermal performance of a low‐cost thermal enhanced plastic ball grid array package ‐ NuBGA

John H. Lau, K.L. Chen, F. Wu

NuBGA is a low‐cost, single‐core, two‐metal layer, cavity‐down plastic ball grid array package. With special design concepts, NuBGA provides electrical and thermal…

Optimization of thermal distribution in ceramics and LTCC structures applied to sensor elements

Reinhard Bauer, Leszek J. Golonka, Torsten Kirchner, Karol Nitsch, Heiko Thust

Thermal properties of Pt or RuO2 thick‐film heaters made on alumina, aluminum nitride or low temperature co‐fired ceramics (LTCC) were compared in the first step of our…

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