Microelectronics International: Volume 11 Issue 3


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A Cost‐effective High Efficiency LED Array Assembly Using Insulated Metal Substrates and Low Thermal Impedance SM Diode Encapsulation

H. Sawa, K. Kato, S. Asai

A surface‐mount in‐line light emitting diode (LED) array was developed for mounting an LED dot matrix display on a single‐sided insulated metal substrate (IMS). This LED…

CAD Tools for the Design of High Performance MCMs

D.A. Wiens, I. Gabbitas

Advantages of using high speed and thermal analysis tools in a tightly integrated design environment are presented. The time to market, the quality of advanced technology…

Effect of Thick Film Dielectric Overlays on the Characteristics of a 3 db Branch Line Microstrip Directional Coupler

V. Puri

This paper reports the preliminary investigations on the effect of Bi2O3, Al2O3 and MgF2 thick film overlays on a symmetrical branch line microstrip directional coupler…

Application of Diamond in Power Device Modules

B. Fiegl, M. Hibler, W. Kiffe, F. Koch, R. Kuhnert, R. Messer, H. Schwarzbauer

Module technology has become the most successful technology for power devices. The sandwich structure of the module serves as both an electrical insulator and heat sink to…

Low‐cost Integrated Silicon Sensors for Industrial Applications

F. Rahali, S. Ansermet, J. Ardalan, D. Otter

Silicon sensors are semiconductor devices which transform a physical effect (such as pressure, acceleration, flux) into electrical effects (resistance, capacitance…

Essential Paste Properties for Fine Line Thick Film

Q. Reynolds, H.G. MacMahon, J. Freitag

The powder and rheology properties of a gold and a silver thick film ink are associated with its fine line performance. Printing 100 micron lines is shown to be…

Thick‐film Laser Power Detector

L. Pércsi, G. Harsányi

Fabrication and performance characteristics of a thick‐film laser power detector are presented. The new sensor combines the advantages of a circular resistor and highly…

Foil‐clips for Power Module Interconnects

H.‐J. Krokoszinski, H. Esrom

A novel technology for the interconnection of bare chips in power modules is presented which circumvents the drawbacks of multiple heavy‐wire bonding as well as of reflow…

Fabrication and Electrical Characterisation of Superconductor‐on‐Silicon Devices

C.Y. Yang, J. Qiao, E.M. Ajimine, P.P. Patel

The objectives of this study are to assess the utility of the high‐Tc superconductor, yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO), as a gate material in two‐ and three‐terminal…

ISHM news

D.J.J. Lowrie

Two members of ISHM‐Hungary, Professor Zsolt Illyefalvi‐Vitéz, ELC representative, and Professor Gábor Harsányi, president and TPC representative, attended the NATO…

Industry news

Coors Ceramics GmbH, subsidiary of Coors Ceramics Company's Electronic Products Group, has appointed Mr Viktor Fronz as its German National Accounts Manager. Mr Fronz…

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