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Symposium introduction: an operational code approach to W. Edwards Deming: The man, the context, the savant and the legacy

Ronald J. Stupak

In order to understand both the man and his contributions, this symposium is an attempt to construct an operational code based on the historical records and the data of W. Edwards…


William Edwards Deming: the man

David S. Greisler

W. Edwards Deming was revered as a technical genius in the areas of mathematics, statistics, and statistical variation. Though largely known for his professional achievements, the…


W. Edwards Deming’s mentor and others who made a significant impact on his views during the 1920s and 1930s

Beth Blankenship, Peter B. Petersen

W. Edwards Deming, famous for his work with the Japanese following the Second World War, had a unique set of theories and approaches that were clearly his own. While much has been…


Total quality management and the Deming approach to quality management

Peter B. Petersen

This article discusses the total quality management (TQM) movement and then elaborates about W. Edwards Deming’s experiences and views. Finally, there is a comparison of total…


Japan’s post‐war economic success: Deming, quality, and contextual realities

Peter M. Leitner

It is difficult to unravel the thread of W. Edwards Deming’s impact on the post‐war industrial recovery of Japan and its transformation from a manufacturer of shabby copies of…


Ethics: a pencil case

Jay W. Gould

In the economic aftermath of the Second World War, the people of the Asian Pacific Rim, having been traumatized by that war, were both intimidated by a US presence and thereafter…


Strategic management spin‐offs of the Deming approach

Janet C. Vinzant, Douglas H. Vinzant

Many scholars have documented the importance of Deming’s legacy in the development of what is now commonly known as total quality management (TQM). Less often considered, however…




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