Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 11 Issue 3


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Distributive justice in Northern Mexico and the US: a cross‐cultural comparison

Paul Fadil, Sharon L. Segrest‐Purkiss, Amy E. Hurley‐Hanson, Mike Knudstrup, Lee Stepina

A comparison of distributive justice strategies was made between a collectivistic culture, i.e., Mexico, and an individualistic culture, i.e., the United States. This study is the…

Latin American leadership: El Patrón & El Líder Moderno

Eric J. Romero

Previous cross‐cultural leadership research has provided limited information about Latin American leadership. In an effort to address this gap in the literature, this paper is…


Multicultural competence and trust: a new road for logistics management?

Alberto G. Canen, Ana Canen

The present paper aims to discuss the concept of competence from a multicultural perspective, for organisational success. It argues that models that view competence as a sum of…


Culturally specific prejudices: interpersonal prejudices of individualists and intergroup prejudices of collectivists

Yuka Fujimoto, Charmine E.J. Härtel

The authors propose that the nature of prejudice differs across cultures. A model is introduced that proposes that the interpersonal perspective associated with individualist…


Understanding the salience of cultural dimensions on relationship marketing, it’s underpinnings and aftermaths

Nelson Oly Ndubisi

The current work demonstrates how relationship marketing (RM) application in cultures of low power distance, collectivism, femininity, high uncertainty avoidance, and long‐term…




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1994 – 2015

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