Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Corporations without National Boundaries: Operating in a Culturally Diverse Environment

Samuel M. Natale, Sebastian A. Sora, Tara Madden

Globalization blurs the boundaries of national identity and national differences between corporations. It is increasingly necessary for corporations to identify with a plethora of…

Hunches and Hunters

Jenny Quillien

What will make the potential reader of Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal pause, pick up this new journal, flip through, stop now and again for a serious look…

The Praxis of Cross‐cultural Management

Fredric William Swierczek

The term praxis is used in this article to identify the specific relationship between theory and practice in cross‐cultural management. It denotes a commitment on the reflection…


The Product of Our Environment: Education and the Japanese Way of Life

Roger John Callan

The importance of Japan as an economic competitor in the world marketplace gives special significance to stereotypes and prejudice that non‐Japanese hold concerning these people…

Cross‐cultural Co‐operation: A Meaningful Challenge

Harry Hummels

In 1993 Dutch aircraft constructor Fokker was taken over by Deutsche Aerospace, better known as Dasa. Only a few months later Fokker announced yet another major intervention in…

Crossing Cultures: New Directions for International Research

Sherry E. Sullivan

Over the past decade, researchers and managers alike have begun to recognize that we are in the “age of globalization”. Examples of the increasing integration of nations and…

On the Corporate Cultures of Cross‐cultural Organizations: A Proposed Model

Minwir Al‐Shammari

Introduction Ask most people what the term “culture” means to them and the reply frequently displays a notion of shared characteristics (such as language, religion, heritage) and…

Cross‐cultural Currents: The Case of Internal Audit

Gerald Vinten

Internal audit is a suitable canvass on which to explore cross‐cultural themes since these professionals possess a bird's eye view of an organization, and frequently swoop on…

The Importance and Relevance of Cross‐cultural Management

Alan Fish

There is little doubt that the face of business has changed. Examples of changed international and global business arrangements are evidenced in the form of new licensing…


Influencing Local Cultures — The Key to a Healthy Cross‐cultural Future?

Doug Embleton

One of my favourite sentences from a collection of old phrase books for international travellers is found in a Guide to British Businessmen Visiting South America which was…



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