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UK data warehousing and business intelligence implementation

Tony Dobbs, Merlin Stone, Julie Abbott

This paper summarises the situation regarding the penetration of data warehouses and business intelligence systems in companies across a range of industries in the UK. Data…


Customer relationship management systems: implementation risks and relationship dynamics

Ian Corner, Matthew Hinton

Addresses variables in the implementation of software applications for aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in medium‐sized organisations. The objective is to…


Marketing principles in the application of e‐commerce

Tim John Hughes

E‐commerce has been much hyped as a potentially transformational force in many industries, and financial services is an industry where its impact is expected to be particularly…


There’s no business like e‐business

Roger Palmer

Seeks to address directly two assumptions that are inherent in current discussions concerning business and the role of technology. First, that business intelligence is, in fact, a…


Reflections on customer knowledge management in e‐business

Jennifer E. Rowley

Customer knowledge is an important asset for all businesses. The rhetoric of e‐business emphasises the opportunities for knowing customers in the digital economy. This article…


From bricks to clicks: understanding the e‐consumer

Charles Dennis, isa Harris, Balraj Sandhu

It is well known that online shopping is growing, but recent reports have indicated that e‐retailers are failing to deliver. In this paper, the authors consider aspects of…


Perceived risks as barriers to Internet and e‐commerce usage

Yehoshua Liebermann, Shmuel Stashevsky

Previous research suggests that perceived risk is an important ingredient in the consumer decision‐making process. The purpose of the present study is to investigate what are the…


Assessments of the “new economy” scenario

Lucio Fuentelsaz, Juan Pablo Maicas‐López, Yolanda Polo

This paper is devoted to a consideration of the present‐day situation faced by the digital economy. The appearance of this phenomenon as one of the basic pillars of modern…

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