Qualitative Market Research: Volume 3 Issue 2


An International Journal

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Change and circumstance in Kyrgyz markets

Leo Paul Dana

Many market research methods normally used in the West encounter a variety of problems if relocated to environments that are culturally very different. This article is…

Measurement in a cross‐cultural environment: survey translation issues

Susan Y. McGorry

Focuses on the issue of survey translation and different translation alternatives available to researchers. As marketers attempt to better understand and serve the needs…

Recognising deductive processes in qualitative research

Kenneth F. Hyde

States that there are two general approaches to reasoning which may result in the acquisition of new knowledge: inductive reasoning commences with observation of specific…

Postmodern marketing: research issues for retail financial services

Jillian Dawes, Reva Berman Brown

Postmodern conditions and re‐evaluations of marketing theory are prompting a re‐consideration of marketing strategies and methodologies. This paper is concerned with…

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