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Article publication date: 1 June 2000



ul-Haq, R. (2000), "Introduction", Qualitative Market Research, Vol. 3 No. 2.



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The Internet has changed and developed the processes we use to carry out our academic lives, especially in business and societal interaction, research and learning. This Internet news contains contributions by Dr Jürgen Gehrels and Professor Roger Sugden. Both are active facilitators or users of the Internet and they review the impact of the Internet in these areas.

Dr Jürgen Gehrels, the chairman of Siemens plc, writes about how, in dramatic ways, the Internet changes the processes that firms use to carry out their business activities; how it changes the social linkages by decentralising and democratises political activity and how it changes and increases our access to globally distributable knowledge.

These changes do and will both effect the way we live and the nature of the world we live in. They also provide opportunities to develop new ways of working and interacting as never before - on a global basis.

Professor Roger Sugden, of the Institute for Industrial Development Policy at the Birmingham Business School at the University of Birmingham, writes about the life of an academic, based in Birmingham, working in Italy, the USA and Argentina. He also writes about the subtle nature of the some of positive changes in communication and dialogue between people through the use of e-mail - engendering mutual understanding and respect. summer

The Internet and its associated services allow us to change the way we work and relate. It can facilitate a global perspective and mutual respect. In short - it is a tool that we can use to progress our own agendas. The next Internet news section will consider how the Internet can aid learning and teaching and return to the issue of how the Internet can facilitate qualitative market research. Your contributions and suggestions are, as always, welcomed.

I wish to thank Dr Jürgen Gehrels and Professor Roger Sugden for their contributions to this issue.

Rehan ul-HaqThe Birmingham Business School, The University of BirminghamE-mail: +44 (0)121 414 3456

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