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The new wave of luxury: the meaning and value of luxury to the contemporary consumer

Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, Johanna Gummerus, Catharina von Koskull, Helene Cristini

The purpose of this study was to explore what luxury represents to contemporary consumers in their own life contexts.


Ritualized retail events and brand-centric employee culture

Xi Liu, Bu Mi, Fei Li, Deqiang Zou

This study aims to explore how the ideal employee effects of internal marketing are created and sustained. It aims to reveal the role that outbound marketing activities play in…

What makes a good paper? Analytic and Continental ideals in consumer culture theory

Domen Bajde, Ahir Gopaldas

This paper aims to illuminate the characteristics of Analytic and Continental scholarship to generate a deeper appreciation for both writing styles in the consumer culture theory…


Employing a dramaturgical lens to the interpretation of brand online social networking: Evidence of augmented self

Heejin Lim, David W. Schumann

Brand online social networking (BOSN) is a novel marketing phenomenon in which companies initiate and cultivate relationships with their customers through online social networking…

Making sense of heritage luxury brands: consumer perceptions across different age groups

Lama Halwani

Scholars have repeatedly concluded that heritage is a significant value driver for luxury brands (Riley et al., 2004; Fionda and Moore, 2009; Wuestefeld et al., 2012; DeFanti et


Bridging advertising practitioner theories and academic theories on how to communicate effectively with men and women

Kasey Windels

The purpose of this paper is to understand advertising practitioners’ theories on how to communicate effectively with men and women via advertising. Further, comparisons are made…

Exploring behavioral branding: managing convergence of brand attributes and vogue

Ananya Rajagopal

This paper aims to address a fundamental research question on behavioral branding, as how behavioral branding experience in reference to self-congruence, brand attributes and…


The impact of product presentation on decision-making and purchasing

Rosy Boardman, Helen McCormick

This paper aims to investigate how apparel product presentation influences consumer decision-making and whether there are any differences between age groups.


Conceptualizing and managing corporate logo: a qualitative study

Pantea Foroudi, Mohamma M. Foroudi, Bang Nguyen, Suraksha Gupta

This paper aims to examine corporate logo as an effective means of communication, by synthesizing knowledge from various domains to explore its relationships with corporate image…

Causality in qualitative market and social research

Clive Roland Boddy

Academic qualitative researchers have been criticized for rejecting the idea that their research can establish causality while market and social researchers, with their realist…

Keeping it real with Bruce Springsteen: How a celebrity brand survives via narrative, authenticity and transparency

Lee Phillip McGinnis, Brian C. Glibkowski

Unlike artists using sartorial flair and flamboyant identities to shock and engage audiences, Bruce Springsteen is relatable, stable, consistent and authentic. Based on…

Food portions and consumer vulnerability: qualitative insights from older consumers

Nicholas Ford, Paul Trott, Christopher Simms

The purpose of this paper is to explore older people’s food consumption experiences. Specifically, the paper seeks to provide understanding on the influence of food intake on…

Navigating market opportunity: traditional market research and deep customer insight methods

Alexander Garrett, Cara Wrigley

This paper aims to explore the use of a design process of inquiry that incorporates both deep customer insight (DCI) and traditional market research (TMR) in an ill-defined…


Service failure and recovery strategies in the Balkans: an exploratory study

Yllka Azemi, Wilson Ozuem, Geoff Lancaster

Despite scholarly effort to understand customers’ recovery evaluation, little progress is evident in deciphering how customers develop online failure/recovery perception. This…

A process view of the role of integrated marketing communications during brand crises

Kelly Hewett, Laura L. Lemon

This paper aims to explore the internal processes that can enable firms to identify and effectively respond to brand crises, with various groups coordinating and cooperating with…

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