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Exploring the determinants of success/failure of the advertising agency‐firm relationship

Abdelfattah Triki, Nejla Redjeb, Istabrak Kamoun

This paper aims to focus on the advertising agency‐firm relationship and aims at understanding and analysing its dynamics. In particular, it digs deep into the reasons behind…


A qualitative exploration of a consumer's value‐based e‐trust building process: A framework development

Kyösti Pennanen, Tarja Tiainen, Harri T. Luomala

The purpose of this paper is to develop a value‐based framework for the consumer e‐trust building process.


Projective techniques in Taiwan and Asia‐Pacific market research

Clive R. Boddy

This paper seeks to investigate the use of projective techniques in Asia‐Pacific markets with particular reference to Taiwan and to compare this with the literature on cultural…


Laddering: how (not) to do things with words

Elin Brandi Sørensen, Søren Askegaard

This paper seeks to provide a discourse‐based critique of the laddering interviewing technique, and to make academics as well as practitioners aware of some of the limitations in…


Identification of ambiguity in the case study research typology: what is a unit of analysis?

Niels N. Grünbaum

At the moment central concepts relating to the case study strategy are insufficiently understood. This is unfortunate in that the truth value of results inferred from case studies…


Auto‐ethnographic consumer research and creative non‐fiction: Exploring connections and contrasts from a literary perspective

Chris Hackley

Narrative accounts of subjective consumer experience are, in one form or another, a staple of qualitative market research. They have an obvious connection with the literary form…

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