Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 5 Issue 1


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E‐collaboration: A look at past research and future challenges

Ned Kock, Robert Davison, Raul Wazlawick, Rosalie Ocker

The guest‐editors of the first Special Issue on E‐Collaboration provide an introduction to the issue. E‐collaboration is broadly defined as collaboration among individuals engaged…


E‐collaboration tool for technology foresight exercise

Sanja Vranes, Branislav Opacic, Francesco Pizzio

Our multiparadigm software toolset (consisting of BATEV, DEBATER and CyberDELPHI software tools) enables a holistic forecasting exercise, combining some good aspects of various…

Do media really affect perceptions and procedural structuring among partially‐distributed groups?

Kelly Burke, Kregg Aytes

Organization efforts in groups generate interaction and procedural structures, or “rules of behavior”. The type and extent of structuring are affected by preexisting preferences…

The emergence of a theoretical framework for gss facilitation: The dualities of e‐facilitation

Pak Yoong, Brent Gallupe

Electronic meeting facilitation (e‐facilitation) continues to be a critical success factor in the use of information technology to support face‐to‐face collaborative work. Yet…

The cost of email interruption

Thomas Jackson, Ray Dawson, Darren Wilson

The use of email by employees at the Danwood Group was studied and it was found that the interrupt effect from emails is more than generally believed. Employees allowed themselves…


Facilitating perception on virtual learningware based environments

Hugo Fuks, Rodrigo Lemos de Assis

Questions related to perception in groupware systems have received a lot of attention in recent Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) studies. This paper presents a model of…

What enables and what prevents knowledge sharing via computer‐mediated communications?

Dubravka Cecez‐Kecmanovic

The paper investigates knowledge sharing and co‐creation in an organisation‐wide discussion supported by Computer‐Mediated Communication (CMC). The paper draws on the empirical…

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