Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 3 Issue 1


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User involvement, organisational sub‐cultures and development trajectory

Paul Beynon‐Davies, Douglas Tudhope, Hugh Mackay

In this paper we discuss some of the particular features of user involvement in information systems (IS) development projects with reference to the idea of the trajectory of…


Contribution by participants in face‐to‐face business meetings: Implications for collaborative technology

Robert J. McQueen, Karen Rayner, Ned Kock

Face‐to‐face business meetings are a widely used method of group interaction, and a rich source of data on what actually happens in group discussions. Active participation in a…

The economic impact of investment in infrastructures of telecommunications in Spain: 1964‐1993.

Rafael Flores de Frutos, Mercedes Gracia‐Dìez, Teodosio Pèrez‐Amaral, Pedro J. Vega‐Catena

In this paper we address the question of how telecommunications affect economic growth, by estimating the effect of direct investment in telecommunications infrastructures on…

Conceptual IMES: An integrated monitoring and evaluation system in the internet world

Athanassios P. Papakonstantinou, Vassilis I. Rogakos, Kostas S. Metaxiotis

Within the last decade many projects have been implemented in order to provide technical assistance (TA) to countries, which have initiated their transition from centrally…

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