Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management: Volume 16 Issue 2


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Improving the current status of school performance reporting

Marc A. Rubin

The large amount of tax and tuition dollars spent on both public and private primary and secondary education in the United States is motivating an ever-increasing demand for…

Special assessments in florida cities and counties; dodging amendment 10?

Theodore J. Stumm, Pamela Pearson Mann

Special assessments have become an ever more popular form of taxation in Florida’s counties since the passage of Florida’s Amendment 10, the “Save Our Homes” amendment…

Form of government and per capita expenditures: an evaluation of small cities and towns

P. Edward French

The impact of form of government on municipal expenditures has been debated by several scholars and researchers over the past thirty years. Part of the support for preference of…

Aligning priorities in local budgeting processes

Aimee Franklin, Carol Ebdon

Citizen participation in local government processes is touted as an effective means to enhance responsiveness and accountability. The topic has received considerable attention in…

To file or not to file: the causes of municipal bankruptcy in the united states

Keeok Park

About 500 municipalities have declared bankruptcy since Congress passed the Municipal Bankruptcy Act in 1937. Based on the experiences of these municipalities and the municipal…

Affirmative action in higher education: costs, benefits, and implementation

RaJade M. Berry

This article discusses the costs and benefits of implementing affirmative action programs in higher education. Based on a national survey of institutions of higher education, the…

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