Strategy & Leadership: Volume 32 Issue 2


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New McKinsey research challenges conventional M&A wisdom

Stewart Early

Over the past five years, McKinsey has been involved with over 800 individual post merger engagements. The perspective gained from post‐merger management (PMM), combined…


Reducing M&A risk through improved due diligence

Jeffery S. Perry, Thomas J. Herd

Making an M&A deal “work” is one of the hardest tasks in business. A handful of best practices can reduce the risk and give the deal a fighting chance. The inherent danger…


Making brand equity a key factor in M&A decision‐making

Shailendra Kumar, Kristiane Hansted Blomqvist

Brand is a strategic asset that should be managed. This is an increasingly important issue for businesses that favor or have favored acquisition‐based growth strategies…


Modeling how their business really works prepares managers for sudden change

Peter Bürgi, Bart Victor, Jody Lentz

“Chemcor”, a mid‐sized specialty chemicals firm must balance the disciplining effects of planning against the need for innovative and adaptive action. The top corporate…


The 30‐hour day: the future for media and entertainment businesses

Neil Parker

An explosion of new media delivery technologies allows consumers to tap into information and entertainment, served up on demand. However, most media and entertainment…


IBM’s Think strategy – melding strategy and branding

Kevin Clark, Mark McNeilly

When operations are consolidated to simplify product lines and to gain efficiencies in practices and marketing, can the brand identities also be consolidated? This was the…

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