On the Horizon: Volume 25 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: The future of post-secondary education in an information rich world

Guest Editors: Elizabeth King

Game-based learning considerations for instructional designers

Cheryl Pendry Keener

Instructional design students’ training may not include game-based learning (GBL). This paper aims to review the literature on GBL to determine the role of the instructional…


eStout: a digital learning environment program case study

Phillip Stoeklen, Justin J. Sullivan, M. Justin Miller, Meridith Drzakowski, Sasha King

This paper aims to discuss the evolution of a digital learning environment in higher education as a result of ongoing data collection and evaluation.


Novel games can come from novice game makers

Mark Chen

This paper aims to describe how a novice to game design pushed theory about what makes a good game.


Instructional design talks to game design

Cheryl Pendry Keener

This paper aims to identify successful game strategies that are used in digital video games and match those strategies to practices that may be incorporated in instructional…


Multisensory mathematical gaming with the Energizer Bunny®

Mia Kalish

Educational mathematics game models tend to be simplistic because they are target-oriented. This paper aims to show how game models that facilitate discovery and analysis can be…

Global virtual teams’ education: experiential learning in the classroom

Remy Magnier-Watanabe, Yoshiaki Watanabe, Olivier Aba, Harald Herrig

This paper aims to examine how students can learn how to work in multi-cultural global virtual teams in a classroom-based setting using experiential learning. The students from…


Embedding innovation pedagogy in teaching journalism

Merja Mari-Anne Drake

The purpose of this paper is to test how to integrate innovation pedagogy into journalism and information and communication technology (ICT) teaching while creating a new product…

Innovation in times of uncertainty

Kurt Squire

This paper (published in two consecutive issues of On the Horizon) aims to contextualize research on games for learning by describing the current drivers of innovation in learning…

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