On the Horizon: Volume 20 Issue 2


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Post secondary education: are we lemmings?

Tom P. Abeles

The purpose of this editorial is to describe a current and recurring problem in post‐secondary education and a path out of it.


Looking forward to a special issue on educational innovations in China

Gaoming Zhang, Yong Zhao, Jing Lei

In recent years, innovative and entrepreneurial efforts have flourished in China's education sector to meet the rising demand of an increasingly wealthier population and a nation


Open education and systemic change

Stephen Marshall

This paper seeks to consider the potential impact of new models of higher education, particularly those depending on open educational resources, using a systems thinking model to


Online medical education: determinants and development prospects with reference to Indian institutions

Malini Reddy, Shankha Sengupta

The purpose of this paper is to present an initial discussion on issues related to imparting medical education through the e‐learning mode in India.


Systems thinking: taming complexity in project management

Jim Sheffield, Shankar Sankaran, Tim Haslett

This paper seeks to address complexity in project management via an innovative course that focuses on systems thinking.


The three horizons of educational change

Peter C. Bishop

This paper aims to describe three potential disruptions that could close the current era of public and higher education and open potentially new eras.

Book Review: Though nothing can bring back the hour

Tom P. Abeles

This viewpoint paper aims to give a brief exploration into the problems facing the humanities in getting scholarly work “published” in a world where academic publishers are


Book Review: The new rules of technology

Tom P. Abeles

This viewpoint aims to review the book Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech, by J.B. Wood, a volume supported by the technology service industry.


Book Review: Creativity: what's next?

Tom P. Abeles

This viewpoint paper aims to review the book Imagine: How Creativity Works, by Jonah Lehrer.

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