On the Horizon: Volume 14 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: The “post‐industrial university”

Guest Editors: David Pearce Snyder

Do we know the future of the university?

Tom P. Abeles

This paper presents the idea that the direction of the university, today, must be seen, first as an enterprise that is different from the idea of the university as seen by Newman


From higher education to longer, fuller, further education: the coming metamorphosis of the university

David Pearce Snyder

This article aims to present a synopsis of inertially‐driven future demographic, economic and technologic realities that will predictably alter the marketplace operating


The millennial university, then and now: from late medieval origins to radical transformation

Barton Kunstler

Reflecting on the forces that produced the first universities 800 years ago provokes consideration of today's universities at the start of the new millennium. The paper


The dignitarian university

Robert W. Fuller

The purpose of this paper is to sketch the broad outlines of a university schema that can conform to the goal of equal dignity regardless of rank – the “dignitarian university” of


The future of the university: some ethico‐epistemological explorations

John Hinchcliff

This article aims to encourage universities to go beyond the significant obsession with the technical advances of the knowledge society and carefully assess both the


The future of proprietary post‐secondary education

John B. Lee, Amelia M. Topper

To describe the future of proprietary higher education in the USA based on current industry and student trends.

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