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Artificial intelligence and robots in individuals' lives: how to align technological possibilities and ethical issues

Ting-Peng Liang, Lionel Robert, Suprateek Sarker, Christy M.K. Cheung, Christian Matt, Manuel Trenz, Ofir Turel

This paper reports the panel discussion on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in our lives. This discussion was held at the Digitization of the Individual (DOTI…


Meaningful gamification for psychological empowerment: exploring user affective experience mirroring in a psychological self-help system

Manning Li, Patrick Y.K. Chau, Lin Ge

Inspired by the dynamic changes in our daily lives enabled via quantified-self technologies and the urgent need for more studies on the human-computer interaction design…


The impact of self-esteem, conscientiousness and pseudo-personality on technostress

Pawel Korzynski, Caroline Rook, Elizabeth Florent Treacy, Manfred Kets de Vries

The authors investigated how personality traits are associated with workplace technostress (perception of stressors related to the use of information and communication…


Social networking site involvement and social life satisfaction: the moderating role of information sharing

Van Thac Dang

Previous studies have produced mixed findings regarding the relationship between social networking site (SNS) use and psychological outcomes. To provide new evidence on this…

Understanding older adults' intention to share health information on social media: the role of health belief and information processing

Lili Shang, Junjie Zhou, Meiyun Zuo

Social media greatly enhances public access to health information and thus attracts older adults who tend to attach more importance to their health. This study aims to identify…


A meta-analysis of the quantitative studies in continuance intention to use an information system

Frank Bivar Franque, Tiago Oliveira, Carlos Tam, Fernando de Oliveira Santini

This study aims to describe, synthesise and clarify the findings of published studies on individual continuance intention to use an information system (IS), considering the fact…


Negative outcomes of ICT use at work: meta-analytic evidence and the role of job autonomy

Hadi Karimikia, Harminder Singh, Damien Joseph

Individuals can improve their task performance by using information and communications technology (ICT). However, individuals who use ICT may also suffer from negative outcomes…


The more the merrier? The effects of system-aggregated group size information on user's efficacy and intention to participate in collective actions

Yu-Hao Lee, Carlin Littles

Social media platforms are increasingly used by activists to mobilize collective actions online and offline. Social media often provide visible information about group size…

You change, I change: an empirical investigation of users' supported incremental technological change in mobile social media

Zhao Pan, Yaobin Lu, Sumeet Gupta, Qian Hu

The intense competitive and dynamic environment in mobile social-media market forces service providers to introduce incremental technological changes to achieve sustainable…

The determinants of learner satisfaction with the online video presentation method

Sameh Al Natour, Carson Woo

The purpose of this paper is to examine the determinants of learners' satisfaction with a new blended learning method, namely online video presentations.


The power of LinkedIn: how LinkedIn enables professionals to leave their organizations for professional advancement

Vincent Cho, Wing Lam

This study applies self-determination theory to investigate how motivations to participate in LinkedIn would influence a professional's intention to leave an organization for…


Motivation and sustained participation in the online crowdsourcing community: the moderating role of community commitment

Wei Wu, Xiang Gong

Crowdworkers' sustained participation is critical to the success and sustainability of the online crowdsourcing community. However, this issue has not received adequate attention…


Online service or virtual community? Building platform loyalty in reward-based crowdfunding

Sunghan Ryu, Ayoung Suh

This study examines how individual contributors' evaluation of the two aspects in reward-based crowdfunding—service and community—influences the formation of platform loyalty. It…


A decision paradox: benefit vs risk and trust vs distrust for online dating adoption vs non-adoption

Qi Chen, Yufei Yuan, Yuqiang Feng, Norm Archer

Online dating services have been growing rapidly in recent years. However, adopting these services may involve high risk and trust issues among potential users toward both online…


Switching from cash to mobile payment: what's the hold-up?

Xiu-Ming Loh, Voon-Hsien Lee, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Keng-Boon Ooi, Yogesh K. Dwivedi

This paper explores the reasons behind the slow uptake of mobile payment (m-payment) from a switching intention (SI) perspective. The antecedents of SI from cash to m-payment were…

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