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The Real NREN

William L. Schrader

Analogies used to describe the National Research and Education Network (NREN) range from the national highway system, to the regional canals, to an intertwined postal‐telephone…

The Development of Electronic Publishing and Digital Library Collections on the NREN

Clifford A. Lynch

This article reviews the present and expected future environments for network‐based electronic publishing and network access to bibliographic and journal databases. Emerging…

Empowerment and Reduction of Isolation of Housebound Disabled Students: A Computer‐Mediated Communications Project at the UK Open University

Gordon Dyer

The purpose of this article is to describe some recent experiences at the United Kingdom Open University (UKOU) in setting up computer‐mediated communication (CMC) support for…

The State of Scholarly Electronic Conferencing

Michael J. Kovacs, Diane K. Kovacs

E‐mail based electronic conferences (e‐conferences) and journals (e‐journals) are an increasingly popular means of communication for scholars who have access to the academic…

Internet Basic Training: Teaching Networking Skills in Higher Education

Roy Tennant

The Internet computer network is not yet an intuitive or an easily understood environment in which to work. Therefore, new network users in higher education need basic instruction…

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