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Effects of customer-based corporate reputation on perceived risk and relational outcomes: empirical evidence from gender moderation in fashion retailing

Gianfranco Walsh, Mario Schaarschmidt, Stefan Ivens

Given the strategic importance of firm reputation because of its potential for value creation, extant reputation research focuses on favorable customer outcomes. This study…


A sequential process of brand tribalism, brand pride and brand attitude to explain purchase intention: a cross-continent replication study

Harry A. Taute, Jeremy J. Sierra, Larry L. Carter, Amro A. Maher

The purpose of this paper is to explore and replicate the indirect effect of smartphone brand tribalism on purchase intent via brand pride and brand attitude.


The behavioral consequences of internal brand management among frontline employees

Rose Du Preez, Michael Bendixen, Russell Abratt

The purpose of this study is to develop and test a comprehensive model for the outcomes of internal brand management (IBM), linking it to brand citizenship behavior (BCB) and…


Social presence and customer brand engagement on Facebook brand pages

Wimmala Pongpaew, Mark Speece, Leela Tiangsoongnern

Business use of social media is increasing rapidly as marketers aim to increase customer brand engagement (CBE) in brand communities to enhance the brand experience. However, use…


The effect of sensory brand experience and involvement on brand equity directly and indirectly through consumer brand engagement

Janne Hepola, Heikki Karjaluoto, Anni Hintikka

This study aims to examine the effect of sensory brand experience and involvement on brand equity directly and indirectly through cognitive, emotional and behavioral consumer…


The impact of the brand management system on performance across service and product-oriented activities

Mathieu Dunes, Bernard Pras

This paper aims to analyze the impact of brand management system (BMS) practices on subjective and objective performance in both service- and product-oriented sectors.


Enhancing the simultaneous utilization of measure in product design for academic-practitioner collaboration

Taewon Suh, John Ford, Young S. Ryu, John H.S. Kim

This study aims to enhance the simultaneous utilization of measure in product design by mapping out the possible and potential uses of a measure for both academicians and…

It’s not all about money: the role of identity in perceived fairness of targeted promotions

Lan Xia, Kent B. Monroe

This paper aims to examine the effect of targeted promotions on perceptions of fairness from the perspective of consumers who are not targeted.

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