Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 30 Issue 1


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Quality assurance systems: enemies or allies of innovation in higher education institutions?

Mariana Ferreira de Mello Silva, Eduardo Raupp de Vargas

This study aims to examine the extant literature to analyze the relationship between quality assurance (QA) and innovation in the higher education context.

Metrics, metrics, metrics: the emergence of technological universities in Ireland

Simon Stephens, Padraig Gallagher

This paper aims to explore the experiences, attitudes and expectations of higher education managers in relation to the increased use of metrics. Specifically, the authors examine…

Insights from pre Covid-19 perceptions of law students on four learning methods: implications for future design of blended learning

Tsipi Heart, Elad Finklestein, Menashe Cohen

The purpose of this study is to assess students’ perceptions of four teaching and learning (T&L) methods used in a blended learning Contract Law course, namely, frontal, written…

Exploring the relationship between student individual culture and service quality expectations in higher education

Vangelis Tsiligiris, Anita Kéri, Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah

This study aims to explore the influence of the individual student profile of Hofstede’s Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Collectiveness and Long-Term Orientation on student…

Preservice kindergarten teachers’ narratives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Merav Aizenberg

The purpose of this current study is to follow the development of preservice kindergarten teachers during the practicum phase of their teacher education studies in the time of the…

Assuring quality of school-based assessment: the perspectives of heads of department in moderating tourism tasks

Zanele Dube-Xaba, Malehlohonolo Precious Makae

The aim of quality assessment is to support the development of learners’ competencies as required in 21st century economies. This paper aims to analyse the role and understanding…

The quality continuum: perceptions of institutional accreditation

Alana Hoare, Pamela Goad

Academics and administrators frequently lament the bureaucracy in higher education, which diverts attention from teaching and research. Heightened monitoring of institutions as a…

Exploring academics’ identities in today’s universities: a systematic review

Javier Mula-Falcón, Katia Caballero, Jesús Domingo Segovia

The study aims to analyse international studies on the impact that new forms of control and performativity in higher education have on academics’ identity. The aim was threefold…

Isomorphism and organizational performance: evidence from quality management in higher education

Moritz Ansmann, Markus Seyfried

Quality management has become an integral part of management reforms in public sector organizations. Drawing on a new institutionalist perspective, this study aims to investigate…

Factors affecting students’ performance in web-based learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ridwan Daud Mahande, Jasruddin Daud Malago, Nurul Mukhlisah Abdal, Yasdin Yasdin

This paper aims to identify and discuss factors affecting students’ performance in web-based learning (WBL) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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