Management Development Review: Volume 9 Issue 1


Table of contents

The flexible workforce: redefining the role of HR

Richard Field

States that flexible working methods are a permanent feature of the modern employment market; they offer companies cost savings and other benefits and it has been predicted that…


Transferring learning to the workplace

Dennis G. Armstrong, Brian H. Kleiner

Examines key competences required in US places of work and describes how these can be most effectively taught in the workplace and not the classroom. It is more efficient to train…


Future search for stakeholders

Mike Bell, Guy Tunnicliff

Examines the way in which companies plan for the future and argues that current strategic planning and re‐engineering approaches alone will not enable organizations to compete in…


Measuring the ROI from management action learning

Gordon Wills, Carol Oliver

Too few programmes of management development seek to evaluate their hard ROI for the enterprise. Describes how action learning’s focus on company‐specific issues makes this more…


Joint architecture by HR specialists and business schools

Allan Bolton

Criticisms of business schools for their MBA and other provision have resulted in leading members of schools collaborating with human resource professionals in redefining…


How to define management: a modular approach

Aaron J. Shenhar, J. Renier

Applies a modular approach to the definition of management. Includes ten separate definitions and modules in an attempt to answer the relatively sweeping question of what…


A study of business and management games

Vic Gilgeous, Mirabelle D’Cruz

Summarizes what business and management games are, their history, the different types of games that are available and what their uses are. Through interviews and a questionnaire…




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1992 – 1997

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