Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 7 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A comparison of two approaches for designing line type cellular manufacturing systems

T. Warren Liao, L.J. Chen, Z.H. Chen, E.R. Coates

Compares two approaches for designing production line cellular manufacturing systems, or “focused factories”. Production line manufacturing cells are dedicated to…

Improved methodologies for vertical integration research

Edward J. Nugent, David J. Hamblin

Vertical integration is a key strategic management decision which requires research support. Existing literature is extensive but is preoccupied with measures of the…

Networks and the diffusion/adoption of MRPII

Maxine Robertson

Considers the way in which firms first become aware of computer‐aided production management technologies, with reference to three case studies. Focuses on the process…

How skills development affects manufacturing’s competitive capability

David Woodcock

Discusses the link between various forms of shopfloor worker competences and the ability of manufacturing plants to compete on different forms of market attractiveness…

Implementing SPC in a small organization: a TQM approach

Dennis Krumwiede, Chwen Sheu

States that total quality management (TQM) is an accompanying philosophy for companies who desire to be competitive in the global market, and the importance of statistical…

An effective loading rule for FMS real time scheduling

Pacifico Marcello Pelagagge, Gino Cardarelli

FMS real time scheduling requires the concurrent solution of both loading and despatching problems. The loading strategy is the most critical and important scheduling…



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