Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 14 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Identifying customer need patterns for customization and personalization

Xuehong Du, Jianxin Jiao, Mitchell M. Tseng

The importance of incorporating customer preferences into product specifications for successful customized product design has been well recognized. An approach based on…

Building enterprise‐wide information supply chains based on the fractal concept

Patrick Walsh, Philippos Koutsakas, Apostolos Vontas, Adamantios Koumpis

Presents work carried out in the wider context of the IST Adrenalin project whose aim is to facilitate formation and lifecycle management of networked enterprises…

Advanced manufacturing technology adoption and performance: the role of management information systems departments

Michael H. Small, Mahmoud Yasin

This study uses information obtained from the advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) literature to develop a conceptual framework that seeks to illustrate the impact of…

Analysis of the decision process for selecting ERP software: the case of Keller Manufacturing

Jacques Verville, Alannah Halingten

Keller Manufacturing, a mid‐sized furniture manufacturer, completed the purchase of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution in August of 1996 at a cost of…

Integrating ABC and TOC for better manufacturing decision making

Chwen Sheu, Ming‐Hsiang Chen, Stacy Kovar

This paper reviews and compares the concepts of theory of constraints (TOC) and activity‐based costing (ABC). The primary objective of this study is to investigate the…

A micro‐AGV for flexible manufacturing in small enterprises

M. Collier

The extensive development of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) over the last two decades is outlined, and a vehicle for use in small assembly processes such as electronic…

Simulation workbench for analysing multi‐echelon supply chains

Woon Kian Ng, Rajesh Piplani, S. Viswanathan

End‐user demand information suffers from delay and distortion as it moves upstream in a supply chain. Co‐ordination between organisations in the supply chain, through…

An approach to design of maintenance float systems

Mu‐Chen Chen, Hsien‐Yu Tseng

The paper offers an intelligent approach to analyze and determine the design parameters minimizing the total cost and achieving the desired performance measures in the…

Implementation of unidirectional functional dimensioning and tolerancing algorithm in CAD systems

J. Ciurana, C. Riba, M.L.G. Romeu

Functional dimensioning has a clear mission: to choose the correct dimension and tolerance in order to optimise the parts in the definition of the mechanical assembly for…



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