Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 13 Issue 4


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Constraint‐based accounting and its impact on organizational performance: a simulation of four common business strategies

Rexford H. Draman, Archie Lockamy, James F. Cox

Since its inception, cost accounting has provided data to managers for the development of internal organizational performance measures. In the mid 1980s, Dr Eli Goldratt…


Assessment of organisational involvement in implementing empowerment

L. Jawahar Nesan, Gary D. Holt

This paper presents initial findings of ongoing research that is developing a best practice framework for the implementation of empowerment within construction…


Managing the design/manufacturing interface across firms

David Twigg

The integration of design and manufacturing operations within the firm has been much discussed, particularly with respect to the development of a concurrent engineering…


Modeling of a quality control information system for small‐ to medium‐sized enterprises

Tak Man Woo, Hang Wai Law

This paper addressed an object‐oriented modeling of the quality control information system (QCIS) and its implementation for small‐medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The…


An application of fuzzy sets to process performance evaluation

Donald C.K. Chan, K.L. Yung, Andrew W.H. Ip

The successfulness of total quality management is dependent on the initiative of employees to apply their problem solving techniques continuously. However, the performance…


Electronic commerce and supply chain management: value‐adding service for clothing manufacturers

K.F. Au, Danny C. K. Ho

This paper presents a business‐to‐business electronic commerce (B2B EC) model for enabling supply chain management (SCM). The application of this model is substantiated by…


A sectoral study of ISO 9000 and TQM transitions: the UK and Irish brewing sector

Rodney McAdam, Neil Jackson

This paper examines the key dynamics of an organisational transition from ISO 9000 to TQM with specific reference to the UK and Irish brewing sector. A number of quality…


An audit tool for determining flexibility requirements in a manufacturing facility

Sanchoy K. Das, Prashant Patel

Two key questions in flexible manufacturing systems design are “Why and where is flexibility needed?” and “What type of flexibility is needed?” We present an auditing tool…



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