Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 11 Issue 3


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Practical experience with quality improvement in small companies

Henning Neerland, Thor Kvalfors

Over the past few years, SINTEF Industrial Management has carried out several network projects on quality improvement for small‐ and medium‐size enterprises (SMEs). The…

Coaching continuous improvement in small enterprises

Lotte Alstrup

This paper describes the introduction of continuous improvement (CI) in three small enterprises with employees with little educational background. The approach adopted was…

Strategy and continuous improvement in small‐to‐medium Australian manufacturers

Ross Chapman, Paul Hyland

While Australian firms have generally recognised the value of continuous improvement (CI) in improving performance, many have yet to develop systems to ensure that the…

Continuous improvement: the trade‐off between self‐management and discipline

Alan Harrison

Deployment of fresh approaches to organisational and human aspects has been a feature of many descriptions of the implementation of “new wave” manufacturing (NWM…

Infrastructure under construction: continuous improvement and learning in projects

José F.B. Gieskes, André M. ten Broeke

Continuous improvement and learning are popular concepts in management literature and practice. Often they are situated in an environment where the work is of a repetitive…

How management can foster continuous product innovation

Mariano Corso, Sara Pavesi

Competition is today forcing companies to increase their effectiveness exploiting synergy and learning in product innovation. Most literature, however, is still mainly…



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