Logistics Information Management: Volume 7 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

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The Logistics Response

Rod Scribbins

The objective of any business must be to maximize share‐holder value.This can only be achieved by providing products and services whichdelight customers and through the…

Management of Uncertainty in AMT Implementation:: The Case of FMS

Per Lindberg

Develops a framework for the implementation and adaptation of flexiblemanufacturing systems, paying particular attention to the uncertaintyinvolved in implementation…

Customer‐focused MRPII

Martyn Luscombe

Manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) is widely regarded as a rigid,bureaucratic system that requires a highly structured and formaltraining and implementation process…

Information Management

Graham Harwood

Today′s managers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of availableinformation. This requires a conscious management process to identifywhat information is of value. Coupled…

When the JIT Starts to Fly Is It Time to Keep Your Head down or Go for ISC?

Simon Sutton

For many manufacturing companies reaching forward into Europe.Just‐in‐time (JIT) implementation is merely the start of the race. Thismay be difficult for those in the…

Work Design and Computer‐controlled Systems:: Job Analysis under Automation – ATAA

Harmut Wächter, Brita Modrow‐Thiel, Giselind Rossmann

Asserts that job satisfaction and motivation of workers are rarelyconsidered when the introduction of new technology is planned andimplemented. Sets this belief in the…

Putting the Logistics Manager in the Driving Seat

Tony Hagon

Attempts to question the established paradigms of the relationshipbetween logistics companies and their traditional customers, thesuppliers, the manufacturers, retailers…

Capability Is Where the Action Is

Robbie Burns

The classic marketing disciplines can no longer sustain continued growthof organizations. Top companies owe their success not only to strongbrands and corporate image but…



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