Logistics Information Management: Volume 13 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Enhancing simulation software for use in manufacturing

L.P. Baldwin, T. Eldabi, V. Hlupic, Z. Irani

The design of manufacturing systems is a complex and expensive task for both SMEs and large organisations alike. Many problems relating to the design and operation of…

Business process reengineering in a British company: a case study

A. Gunasekaran, Walter W.C. Chung, K. Kan

A case study conducted in a British company (Company A) on reengineering business processes is presented. It gives an example on how a case study ought to be written in…

Environment‐strategy fit: a study of Hong Kong manufacturing logistics

Joseph W.K. Chan, K.L. Yung, N.D. Burns

Examines the logistics environment and the manufacturing logistics strategy in Hong Kong, based on six case studies. The manufacturing structure of Hong Kong industry is…

Fractal manufacturing partnership: exploring a new form of strategic alliance between OEMs and suppliers

Hamid Noori, W.B. Lee

In today’s competitive environment, companies are paying more attention to product innovations, customized products, manufacturing agility, and lean operations. To support…

Assimilation of a strategic information system to gain competitiveness: a neutral format approach

Henry C.W. Lau, K.F. Pun

Strategic information systems contribute to enhance managerial understanding in terms of organisational development and business success. In particular, they assist in…

Information technology in managing global supply chains

Jaideep Motwani, Manu Madan, A. Gunasekaran

As organizations strive to become more competitive in today’s challenging business environment, global supply chain management (GSCM) infused by information technology…



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